Health and Housing: support community centers of La Boca

In Argentina, community centers play a fundamental role in the social support of the most vulnerable populations. Through food programs, school support, cultural activities, among other things, these spaces are neighborhood references and essential facilities. The south of the City of Buenos Aires is where the highest vulnerability rates in the district occur. Therefore, for
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Technology at the service of health in homes

Within the framework of the alliance between Habitat for Humanity Argentina and Grupo Rotoplas, the Health and Housing project was carried out so that 100 families from Campana, La Matanza, Pilar and Tigre can have safer bathrooms and sanitation. This initiative consists of three components. First of all, training. Families participate in workshops where they
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Hábitat Argentina + Saint-Gobain: more than painting

One of the most evident characteristics of popular neighborhoods and settlements is to see the houses without any kind of plaster. The brick landscape is not only an aesthetic issue, the lack of coating generates humidity and seepage that affect the health of families. What is the plaster The plaster is a coating layer that
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