We have adapted our corporate volunteering proposals so that the circumstances generated by the pandemic have only interrupted, for a brief period, the possibilities of continuing to count on the relationships that are generated between volunteering and people seeking a change through housing . Now through the cell phone, a WhatsApp group, a message on social networks, these links are recreated again with different media but with the same material from which they are made: love of neighbor.


  • Participation in Virtual Workshops on Health and Housing
  • Volunteering joins as co-facilitator of these workshops dictated by WhatsApp and they accompany families to put into practice the knowledge learned.

Future House

Design of a progressive improvement project for the current home. Volunteering works alongside participating families, deciding together what types of improvements are needed, priorities, and associated costs.


Talks between volunteers and families who have passed through an HPHA project and share about their experience in the context of quarantine. The result is a documentary to be shared on available networks and media.

Andrés Queirel

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