Health and housing

Housing has a strong impact on overall health. An inadequate housing situation can introduce sickness and infection. Around 90% of infant mortalities connected to diarrheal disease are directly correlated with cases of contaminated water or a lack of hygiene. In Argentina, it is the leading cause of infant mortality. 

With the Health and Housing project, families living in extreme vulnerable situations can access training, tools, and technical support to improve their home environment in a way that positively impacts their health and well-being.

“Having a well-equipped bathroom changed our lives.”

The first step of the program is to deliver training on the impact of housing and health, measures of care, and guidance on installations. After training, families are given varying sets of materials according to the type of repair being made. They are then guided through the installation process with social and technical support.

Among the different types of repairs are sanitary repairs, electrical risk repairs, floor, ceiling, and plaster repairs, and more. 

A Focus on Menstrual Health

In recent years there has been an innovative focus on menstrual health in the Health and Living project, specifically in the repair of sanitary spaces. Menstrual management must be approached from a comprehensive perspective, taking into consideration that an adequate bathroom plays a key role in women’s health. 

For this very reason we’ve added elements to our bathroom set that include access to information through workshops and awareness campaigns. It is often considered taboo to speak about menstrual health and, from the perspective here at Hábitat para la Humanidad Argentina, we are determined to end that taboo.

Help us to help the families of our country. Join our cause!