Health and housing

Faced with the emergency situation produced by the pandemic, it became clear once again, but now more seriously, how essential housing is to preserve health and life. To respond to the new circumstances, all our commitment was focused on finding the fastest way to help more families improve their homes, take care of their health and be safe. For this, we adapt one of our most important programs: educational.

As soon as the situation of social and preventive isolation began, we adapted the workshop methodology, especially those with specific health and housing contents to address the main weakness detected: the lack of information.

The adaptation to virtual tools sought to reinforce everything related to hygiene, mitigation of the contagion of Covid19 and dengue. Everything related to issues related to coexistence was also included. It was promoted that the participants can make changes and improvements in their homes, for which a personalized monitoring of the learning and application process is contemplated through WhatsApp groups. The delivery of the three workshops of each cycle is completed with a set of products to implement the acquired knowledge that is delivered together with the allied organizations in the neighborhoods, reducing the need to mobilize to remove them.

This methodology allows us to reach any part of the country, so we articulate with other actors and complement efforts to improve the effectiveness of actions.

In the need to make this accelerated change, we saw a great opportunity: to favor digital inclusion to some extent, so that more people can use the cell phone also to learn and apply knowledge about how through housing it is possible to preserve the Health.

Thanks to the good evaluation that this methodology has had, the topics addressed have been expanded. In addition to those related to Health and Housing, we are giving workshops on Sanitation and Reduction of electrical risk (sets with sanitary devices, pipes and grounding) that are supervised for their installation and soon there will be workshops on Installation of roofs, with the corresponding delivery of materials.

We believe that, in addition to responding to the emergency situation, it is possible to leave installed capacities that contribute in the long term.

Help us to help the families of our country. Join our cause!