Habitat for Humanity Argentina

Habitat for Humanity Argentina is a Christian organization of people committed to the adequate housing cause in Argentina. We seek to help reverse the poverty cycle by joining efforts and putting faith into action to build strength, stability and self-reliance.

Following Jesus’ teachings, we want to involve ourselves in building a better country, mobilizing resources to facilitate access to safe and affordable housing.

We have been working in different regions of the country since 2002, adapting housing solutions to each context and moment, innovating in methodologies, and providing knowledge and experience on social housing in Argentina.

In this way, families are trained and organized to facilitate the process through technical, financial and social support. Solutions include Seed Houses, improvements, repairs, and fair rental conditions.

To achieve a sustained change, we always seek to establish partnerships. Together with the families, local organizations and institutions, businesses, committed donors and volunteers, we build hope.

We annually sign a Memorandum of Understanding and an Agreement with Habitat for Humanity International, which establishes the parameters for the implementation of the program under the international organization trademark. These agreements include standards of excellence and the possibility of sharing experiences between countries.


Our vision 

A world where each person has a decent place to live.


Our mission

At Habitat for Humanity Argentina we call on people to build homes, communities and hope.




Our history 

At the end of the 90s, two groups of people, moved by their solidarity towards those who suffered from housing problems, invited the international organization Habitat for Humanity to settle in our country. One of these groups was part of a Baptist Church in Luján, while the other was led by a group of teachers from the Lincoln American School in Buenos Aires.

After several years of working together under the leadership of Edward Dunsworth, from Habitat for Humanity Latin America and the Caribbean, in 2002 a local organization was consolidated and approved as a civil association. At that time, the first employees joined the organization and the national office was inaugurated.

After several projects in different localities of Luján, Santa Fe, Recreo and Cañada de Gómez, in 2008 Habitat for Humanity Argentina made the strategic decision to develop activities in the area with the greatest number of inadequate housing cases: the AMBA (Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires). A diagnostic and feasibility study identified three initiatives:

  • Neighborhood development in the suburbs.
  • Tutored rentals for “homeless” families living in tenements, tenancies or boarding houses in the southern part of the City of Buenos Aires.
  • Recycling urban homes in the same area.



Help us to help the families of our country. Join our cause!