Health and Housing: support community centers of La Boca

In Argentina, community centers play a fundamental role in the social support of the most vulnerable populations. Through food programs, school support, cultural activities, among other things, these spaces are neighborhood references and essential facilities.

The south of the City of Buenos Aires is where the highest vulnerability rates in the district occur. Therefore, for more than ten years we have been there working so that more people can access adequate rental through the Estela de Esperanzas project.

From this work, we have become a relevant presence in the area and we have gotten to know many community centers, their references and their enormous work. For this reason, through the Health and Housing project, four community centers in La Boca and Barracas are improving their bathrooms, after participating in the workshops. This will benefit the more than 700 people who come to these centers, impacting their health and development.

Health and Housing

The Health and Housing project aims to ensure that families who live in a situation of extreme vulnerability can access training, tools and socio-technical support to be able to improve some aspect of their housing that will have a favorable impact on their health and well-being.

In the first stage, families receive training on the impacts of housing on health, care measures and how to install the elements. After the training, they are given sets of materials that vary depending on the type of repair. Finally, they are accompanied socially and technically in the installation process.

Among the different types of repairs, we can find sanitary, electrical risk, floors, ceilings, plastering, among others.

This same methodology is worked with community centers. They are their representatives who attend the training and install the sets.

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