Better Homes Network

The Better Housing Network is an initiative of Habitat for Humanity Argentina aimed at creating an alliance between organizations which allows more families in housing vulnerability to be reached. It was born from the need to increase the scale of our projects and provide a scale response to the qualitative housing deficit.

Given the growing need to partner to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG No. 17), the network seeks to partner  with organizations throughout the country that will be in charge of carrying out improvements and repairs for families who attend their programs. Through the network we can reach any point in the country where there is an organization and people reached by housing needs.

The organizations that are part of the network do not have to be housing organizations. Precisely, it seeks to add capacities and resources in the territory to provide improvements in homes that include specific specialized knowledge (both theoretical and practical).

Participation process

To register in the Network, interested organizations must complete a form with specific information and as a necessary condition it is requested that they be registered with the General Inspectorate of Justice. Finally, once the information is certified, an agreement will be signed between the parties.

Once the agreement is signed, a training cycle is scheduled that includes an Introduction to the Network, Safeguard Policy, everything about the Repair process and technical training. At the end of the training process, the organization will be able to execute the projects according to the type of improvements, neighborhood, deadlines, including other components to be agreed upon.

Under the premise that together we can achieve more, this network seeks to generate more outreach,get more organizations involved in housing solutions, and more people trained and empowered for change.

We hope to bring all our knowledge and capabilities to organizations to also increase their scale and impact.

Help us to help the families of our country. Join our cause!