Technology at the service of health in homes

Within the framework of the alliance between Habitat for Humanity Argentina and Grupo Rotoplas, the Health and Housing project was carried out so that 100 families from Campana, La Matanza, Pilar and Tigre can have safer bathrooms and sanitation.

This initiative consists of three components. First of all, training. Families participate in workshops where they reinforce their knowledge about adequate housing in general, about sanitation and electrical safety in particular. It is expected that families become truly aware of the need to have safe water systems in homes, and all the repercussions that this can have on health.

Then, the families access the second element: the set of materials. Thanks to the alliance with Rotoplas, the traditional Habitat for Humanity Argentina bathroom set was complemented with water storage tanks. “Our purpose is to improve people’s quality of life through solutions for the water cycle, that is, from collection to reintegration into the environment, in optimal conditions for reuse,” said Eugenia Lammirato, coordinator of PR and Company sustainability.

In addition, 14 families from Pilar and a community center in the area received Rotoplas biodigesters and drainage pipes from its IPS brand. Their installation will impact the life of the entire neighborhood, avoiding contamination by sanitary waste. These families also received training on the importance of sanitation by the Grupo Rotoplas technical team.

The third component is socio-technical support. After receiving the materials, the families have the assistance of Habitat for Humanity Argentina to install the materials. “Our methodologies always place families as protagonists because we want lasting and profound changes,” says Paula Celestino Ayala from Habitat for Humanity Argentina.

These actions are being developed in coordination with local organizations in Campana, La Matanza, Pilar and Tigre. In total, around 400 people will be reached.

Have safe water

The water storage tank means a great advance for many families, because it is the possibility of having safe water in their homes.

One of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals postulates that, by 2030, all people should be guaranteed “the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation.”

According to the UN itself, it is estimated that diseases related to the lack of access to safe water and adequate sanitation continue to be one of the main causes of infant mortality.

In turn, not solving this problem has economic consequences in the countries, reducing their GDP.

The importance of a biodigester

In Argentina, 3 out of 10 people do not have access to sewers in their homes. In many cases, their waste ends up contaminating the patios of their own houses and the ditches of the neighborhood, generating diseases.

The biodigester allows the treatment of gray water, in neighborhoods where there are no sewers, avoiding the contamination of the soil of the houses or that the gray water ends up in the ditches. In this way, people, mainly children and older adults, are prevented from being exposed to diseases.

Having biodigesters implies having advanced technology that greatly impacts the quality of life and health, which allows replacing septic tanks and cesspools that can be sources of contamination. Its use also contributes to the environment, it is self-cleaning and easy and simple to install and maintain that does not require specialists.

About Rotoplas Group

Grupo Rotoplas, the leading company in America for individual and comprehensive solutions for the storage, conduction, improvement, treatment and recycling of water. With more than four decades of experience in the industry and 18 plants in the American continent, Rotoplas has a presence in 14 countries and a portfolio with 27 product lines.

In Argentina for 25 years, Grupo Rotoplas is made up of the Rotoplas, IPS and Señorial brands; a Leader in solutions for the water cycle, it has crossed borders throughout the American continent to bring products and services for the storage, conduction, heating and treatment of water. Its portfolio of solutions for the water cycle has international standard certifications that guarantee the quality of processes and products, to offer its users innovative solutions for water.

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