Why advocate? One of our strategic lines is advocacy. We seek to influence systems, policies and attitudes in order to generate large-scale, long-term change. The problem of housing access requires effort on the part of a variety of stakeholders. We know that we cannot solve it alone. 

Our commitment is to people in vulnerable housing situations. That’s why our advocacy work is nonpartisan. We pursue dialogue with all the stakeholders in the housing system, from politics, the private sector and other organizations. We believe in building bridges and meeting spaces in search of solutions.  

“The risks associated with advocacy work are less than the price of not doing it”

Currently, we are focusing on two lines of work. On the one hand, we advocate for the implementation of a social rent policy as a form of access to housing for thousands of families that pay to “rent” unsuitable places. On the other hand, we advocate for secure tenancy as a right for families. We meet with key stakeholders so that families are able to access the deeds to their homes.

Social Rent NOW

Social Rent Now  is a Hábitat para la Humanidad Argentina awareness campaign designed to raise awareness about the problem of lack of access to formal rent.

In March of 2020 the Law 27.551 was passed, which creates, in Art. 17, the National Social Rent Program, whose potential to respond to the problem is still unexplored. This policy, tried in other countries in the region, would allow thousands of families to access adequate housing.

According to the law itself, it is the Ministry of Land and Housing Development, through the Housing Secretary, that should implement the Social Rent Program. For this reason, we are asking the heads of the Ministry of Land and Housing Development to enact a Social Rent policy as established by this law. Add your signature.

Secure Tenancy

One of the great challenges of families living in poor neighborhoods is that they don’t have proof of housing documentation which makes accessing basic services and attaining security and stability for their families difficult.

As part of our mission at Hábitat para la Humanidad Argentina, we seek to develop actions to promote access to adequate housing. In that sense, land tenancy and property rights, particularly for women and vulnerable groups that live in poor neighborhoods, is one of our priorities. 

The attainment of a deed includes many benefits: families are granted all the rights to their home. They can make use of their home with complete security. Additionally, they have security in the investment they are going to make. It also formalizes transfers through inheritance and sale and allows the property to be listed as a family asset, protecting it from being foreclosed upon because of subsequent debts (except in exceptional cases). An important point is that, with the deed, the families can access state benefits that they could not access otherwise.

Help us to help the families of our country. Join our cause!