Integration of the Saladero neighborhood

In the Saladero neighborhood of Ingeniero White, Bahía Blanca, we are carrying out, together with the White Trabaja Cooperative, an Early Works Project (“POT” for its acronym in Spanish) that will leave intra-domiciliary connections for running water, sidewalks and trees. It is financed by the Socio-Urban Integration Secretariat of the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation.

The works began in January and there are already more than 100 families connected to the running water network. Access to this essential public service has a direct impact on the daily life of households, their routines and the health of their members. According to the WHO, 80% of all diseases and more than a third of deaths in developing countries can be attributed, at least in part, to the lack of safe water supply and adequate sanitation systems. From the daily mate to personal hygiene, they are impacted by the quality of the water.

Formalizing access is the first step in a comprehensive process that includes the regularization of tenure, in addition to access to other services. The extension of the interventions will be carried out throughout the Saladero neighborhood included in the “RENABAP” (National Registry of Popular Neighborhoods), in accordance with what is established as a necessary condition in the Program for the Integration of Popular Neighborhoods. Integrating a neighborhood is giving effective access to the basic rights of its inhabitants, of the hundreds of families that live in it, so that they can develop their lives with the same opportunities as in any other corner of the country.

In addition, more than 500 meters of sidewalks have already been built that make the streets safer and more accessible, leaving behind dirt and mud sidewalks to make cement roads. Improving public space helps to strengthen the sense of community in the neighborhood, revaluing collective spaces and providing greater security for residents.

One of the most transformative elements of this project is the formalization of the White Trabaja cooperative. Made up of neighbors from the neighborhood, it is the one that carries out the works with the accompaniment of Habitat for Humanity Argentina. In this way, the project became a source of formal and stable work for the families.

“The cooperative arises from the need to generate employment in our community. We are very happy to be able to provide work for our families in the neighborhood and happy to be able to help our neighbors to access basic services”, says Cinthia, one of the neighbors and a member of the cooperative, made up of 30% women.

It is expected that the works of connection to running water and trees will be completed in a few months, with a total of 135 homes connected, and 2,500 meters of sidewalk built.

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