Consulting and Diagnosis

Each intervention project begins with a diagnosis of the housing needs of the place. It is carried out using workshops, direct observation and interviews with local organizations and actors as tools.

Based on the experience acquired, we carry out Diagnostics for third parties, help to clarify the objectives and propose a methodology to achieve it. To this end, we work with local governments, companies or other organizations that require accurate information on housing and habitat.

Habitat for Humanity Argentina makes several of these diagnoses available: for us, it is vitally important to document experiences for various reasons. The main one is the contribution to study and academic areas, of the thoughts and ideas coming from the practice, from the base. This is our way of giving a “voice” and place to families and people who go through certain situations and their experiences, within certain areas of knowledge.

So far, these are the Diagnostic Reports made by Habitat for Humanity Argentina (also available in Our Publications)

  • Diagnostic Study for a Social Rental Program
  • Fair Rentals: Urban Solutions for Buenos Aires
  • Rentals: Feasibility study in AMBA
  • Piletones neighborhood, City of Buenos Aires
  • Participatory diagnosis in Gran Chaco
  • In recent years, and in a joint effort with Habitat for Humanity, we have incorporated the Passa and Passa Jóvenes Methodology.

Constructive and Legal Advice

We create a bridge between the knowledge and the will of those families who, without the possibility of obtaining a loan, intend to build their home through self-management. In this way, and through the action of volunteers with a vocation and legal and technical knowledge, we offer advice so that families can achieve the objective of adequate housing.

Within the framework of Neighborhood Development, we offer strong support and legal accompaniment in the management of title regularization. In all cases, the family is expected to have a clear state of affairs on the issue that prevents subsequent risks of eviction.


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