Integration of the Saladero neighborhood: we close the first stage!

Within the framework of the “Argentina United for the Integration of Popular Neighborhoods”, a program within  the Secretary of Socio-Urban Integration of the Nation (SISU),’ Habitat for Humanity Argentina ‘finished an Early Works Project (POT) in the Saladero neighborhood of Bahía Blanca which left home connections for running water, trees, sidewalks and garbage cans. The
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The Integration Model

One of the fastest growing phenomena over the last decade has been the expansion of poor neighborhoods throughout the country. Cities are the areas with the most opportunities, where jobs, hospitals and schools are concentrated. However, for many families, access to land to build a home remains virtually impossible in the city. This, among other
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128 bathrooms: the result of teamwork!

At the end of August, and as part of a joint action, sanitary repairs for 128 families and three community centers were completed in different neighborhoods of Pilar. Thanks to this joint action, which included the support of Whirlpool, Habitat for Humanity Argentina and local organizations in coordination with the municipality, it was possible to
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