Integration of the Saladero neighborhood

In the Saladero neighborhood of Ingeniero White, Bahía Blanca, we are carrying out, together with the White Trabaja Cooperative, an Early Works Project (“POT” for its acronym in Spanish) that will leave intra-domiciliary connections for running water, sidewalks and trees. It is financed by the Socio-Urban Integration Secretariat of the Ministry of Social Development of
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Menstrual health: breaking taboos

With the support of P&G, we adapted and incorporated the menstrual management approach to the sanitary repair project, understanding the need to integrate particular issues from a gender perspective into infrastructure works, as well as provide tools and enable access to information. Habitat for Humanity Argentina and P&G joined forces to work on a subject
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Opinion: Rentals

Access to rent is access to housing Given the public debate on rent and the reform of Law 27,551, sanctioned in 2020, it is necessary to mention a component of the norm that had little importance but is still essential to address: social rent. The aforementioned Rental Law creates, in its Art. 17, “the National
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See Norma and Jorge again

After a long suspension of activities due to the health crisis, we returned in June with corporate volunteering sessions with Bloomberg workers. The brigades are one of the best-known traditions of Habitat for Humanity around the world. They are volunteer days where companies, organizations, churches, put themselves at the service of a family to improve
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In Argentina, the largest percentage of families residing in popular neighborhoods are part of the informal housing market. The self-construction of houses becomes a long process of decades in which resources must be financed and managed through scarce means and without specific knowledge. In response to the lack of concrete information on the self-construction processes
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20 years in photos

These images recall moments and projects over the history of Habitat for Humanity Argentina, learning and adapting to changing contexts. Along this path, we managed to achieve 2,422 housing solutions, thousands of hours of training, support, and volunteering, and behind each indicator there are people who promoted their will to build a better life for
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