We held the 1st Social Rental Conference!

Having more homes available for rent, analyzing the socioeconomic reality of families excluded from the formal real estate market and generating sustainable public or private administration tools so that they can access a decent place to live were some of the proposals that emerged in the 1st Social Rental Days that- Hábitat para la Humanidad
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The 1st Social Rent Argentina Workshops have arrived!

Within the framework of our campaign #AlquilerSocialYA (#SocialRentNOW), started at the end of 2022, we are advocating for the implementation of social rent as set forth in Law Number 27.551. To that end, between September 4th and 6th we will hold the 1st Social Rent Workshops in Argentina. This will be a participatory, joint event
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Help us to help the families of our country. Join our cause!