Integration of the Saladero neighborhood: we close the first stage!

Within the framework of the “Argentina United for the Integration of Popular Neighborhoods”, a program within  the Secretary of Socio-Urban Integration of the Nation (SISU),’ Habitat for Humanity Argentina ‘finished an Early Works Project (POT) in the Saladero neighborhood of Bahía Blanca which left home connections for running water, trees, sidewalks and garbage cans. The work was carried out by ‘ White Works Cooperative teams made up of neighborhood residents., made up of residents of the neighborhood.

The total amount invested in the project was $61,190,096.26. Today 160 families have safe water in their homes thanks to intra-domiciliary connections which allows access to  quality public service. In addition, the 2,500 meters of sidewalk, the 60 ramps, the 89 trees and the 50 baskets enhance the public space of the neighborhood. For the residents of Saladero, it is now possible and safe to go outside when it rains.

During the afternoon of January 19, Fernanda Miño, head of the Socio-Urban Integration Secretariat (SISU),’ with authorities from Habitat for Humanity Argentina, staff from the White Trabaja cooperative, officials from the Municipality and the Port, councilors, and , residents of the neighborhood, toured the works.

During the tour, the families were able to tell about the changes and benefits that the Early Works Project brought. Access to quality public services is a basic right that should be guaranteed in any corner of the country.


Saladero is a popular neighborhood in the town of Ingeniero White, Bahía Blanca. According to ReNaBaP, 275 families live in the neighborhood. Habitat for Humanity Argentina has been present in the neighborhood for six years. Habitat started operations ‘r with Dow Argentina and carried out many projects, such as Casas Semilla, sanitary repairs through the Health and Housing project, and ‘ made impact improvements with Proyecto Hogares.

This project is the first step of an integration process. After a consultation process with the neighbors, it was decided that during the next stage, intra-domiciliary electrical connections would be made, adapted to the needs of each home.

The cooperative is already in the survey process and projects are  expected to begin in the coming months. At the same time, the construction of sidewalks, trees and baskets will continue to improve  the public space.

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