World Habitat Day 2021

In order to celebrate World Habitat Day and continue to speak out for decent housing in the world, Habitat for Humanity today launches a new report called A Ladder Up, in which economists from prestigious American universities analyze the role that the construction sector plays in generating employment in 9 countries and from the region were considered Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

The main finding: the construction industry, led by home construction, is a huge source of employment that is often overlooked in emerging market economies. At the same time, fills a huge gap in affordable housing.

Worldwide, the construction sector employs more than 250 million workers, which translates to 7.7% of all employment. For every $ 1 million invested in construction products, an average of 97 jobs are created in emerging markets.

Investing in residential construction represents a potentially win-win situation in emerging markets because it generates a large number of jobs locally, helps close persistent gaps in affordable housing, and stimulates the broader economy”, explains Patrick Kelley, vice president of the Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter. “These findings are of vital importance for low- and middle-income countries that are deciding which areas to prioritize as they work to rebuild their economies weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic; in particular, in a world where 1.6 billion people still lack decent housing”.

The Report highlights the status of compliance with the ODS Nr. 11, which focuses on ensuring access for all to decent, safe and affordable housing. This is one of the few where, even before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a setback from previous progress.

That is why both public policies and investments that promote the construction of houses and that are implemented with a focus on equitable development and climate change, can produce long-term positive impacts on the well-being of families, on energy efficiency. and in a greater resilience in the face of natural disasters, in addition to the important employment opportunities especially for the part of the workforce with low levels of formal education. 

In this link we share the English report.

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