Newsletter – February 2019

 A Mother Builds

When Carolina was told that she was going to build her own house with HPH Argentina she was so happy that she did not take into account the hardships she would have to face. Yet, this mother of two -one of them with a motor disability- overcame every obstacle to make it happen, even though she often thought of giving up.


One of the things she remembers the most of the nine months of construction is the strength transmitted by the volunteers: a Global Village volunteer work team arrived when they were building the foundations of her house and this encouraged her to keep going. During the whole process, volunteers from Dow Argentina provided their unconditional support by attending for several Saturdays to help with every stage of the process. Thus, step by step, the house was finished and today the family’s quality of life has changed completely: Ximena has a quiet place to study and Kiara can sleep in a room without any moisture or cold.


For the Ing. White team the process was beautiful. Today their Seed House is where the whole family meets, which reinforces the importance of building much more than houses.



It’s Volunteer Time – Every Smile Counts

February has begun and we have fully resumed our call for volunteers and our contact with them: this year’s first training workshop has already been held at the Argentine Red Cross headquarters, a visit to get to know the project at Los Ceibos (La Matanza) has also been organized. And the first Global Village team, headed by Clayton Bartczak, has already arrived to help a family in the construction of their house.

Thank you, volunteers! We could not do this without you.


A real estate inkind donation

We celebrate the completion of the building where HPHA carries out the Assisted Rents project.

Thanks to the donations from the Asociación de Empresarios de la Vivienda (AEV), an appartment and an office space were completed.



We present the research carried out by the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales CELS, as part of HPH Argentina’s efforts to find scalable models for the renting project for those living in hotels and tenements houses in the City of Buenos Aires.

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