Norma and Jorge

Employees, former employees, volunteers, neighbors, friends and family, as well as representatives of the companies Bloomberg and Acindar participated in this moment of happiness.


With family and friends.



To be able to see rain outside from the kitchen. In the previous place the water entered as soon as the storm began.


Gimena and Orlando

The family



With Walkiria: the volunteer who participated throughout the entire construction project.



The house is built wisely; The foundations are cleverly laid. With good judgment they fill their rooms with beautiful and extraordinary treasures. Proverbs 24: 3-4 – The Bible



Carla and Rolando

The family



The ribbon cutting: this ceremony is the symbol of a new beginning.



Time to celebrate.



Daniela y Diego

The family



Happiness for the family. With special guests of the Shell and Acindar companies.



Telling the anecdotes and what they like most about the new house: everything. The boys get much less sick and don’t have to miss school.


Jesica y Juan

The family



Friends and family: fundamental in this story.



This happy face says it all.

Ayudános a ayudar a las familias de nuestro país. ¡Unite a nuestra causa!