Whatsapp Health Workshops during the pandemic

The current pandemic has once again spotlighted the importance of having an adequate home to preserve our health and lives.   Faced with our new reality, we have focused our attention on looking for ways we can rapidly help more families improve their housing situation and be able to stay safe. To do so, we enhanced one of
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Educating at Home with a Gender Perspective

As April is coming to an end, we are going through a very special moment both for Argentina and the world. There arrived a pandemic that faces us with a serious challenge, as part of the responsibility is in the hands of the Government but another great part is in our own hands. We are dealing with a
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Renting as a Woman and Head of the Household

Today, six of the nine families renting in our Estela de Esperanzas* building (La Boca, Buenos Aires), rely on a woman that is both mother and head of the household.   What does being “head of the household” involve? Although the National Statistics Institute does not provide a clear and accurate definition –as the only requirement is
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At home, but close by

In the current context we continue to be in touch with the families in the neighbourhoods where we have ongoing projects. Using available technology and cell phones we connect to find out how the families are, hear their concerns and mainly to let them know that – whilst in quarantine – we are still close
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Jonathan Reckford’s message

ATLANTA (March 23, 2020) — Habitat for Humanity International  CEO Jonathan Reckford issued the following statement regarding the economic ripple effects of COVID-19:   With each passing day, we all find ourselves trying to adapt to the measures required to combat the spread of COVID-19. In countries and cultures all around the world, “stay at home” is the message of
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