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In-person program suspended until returning to face-to-face.
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Our International Volunteer Program offers a unique experience of volunteering in Argentina from 3 to 12 months, for those in the world who want to develop their personal and professional capacities living in a different culture and building housing opportunities for those who need it most.


We know that each person has different desires, knowledge and skills; For this reason, our Program includes a wide range of positions that will allow candidates to choose their area of ​​greatest interest.


We are looking for committed and proactive volunteers, who not only believe that each person deserves a suitable place to live, but they are also willing to give their all to make it happen.


No matter where in the world you were born, we are all human beings and that is why we deserve to live with dignity in the stability that only a home provides. Let’s build this global network together for a fairer world with greater opportunities.


If you think this Program is ideal for you, write to, or apply through this form.


Frequent questions

  • Who can apply to the International Volunteer Program?

People over 18 years of age living outside of Argentina who are willing to pay their fare to Buenos Aires to offer their support to HPHA for a minimum of 3 months.


  • Is there any payment for being part of the Program?

No. Each volunteer must make sure they can afford to pay for their time in Buenos Aires for the duration of the Program. In some cases HPHA can offer accommodation.


  • Does the program have any additional costs?

No. There is no fee to be part of the International Volunteer Program, you will only have to cover your personal expenses within the country, as well as your air tickets and medical insurance.


  • Do I have to speak Spanish in order to be part of this Program?

While it is favorable for your experience with us that you have at least a working knowledge of the Spanish language, each position is different and there are positions to which you could apply even if you do not master the language.


  • What are the dates to apply to the Program?

The application to the Program is open throughout the year.


  • I am a university, organization or institution. Can I offer my students to be part of this Program?

Yes. The experience of an international volunteer is very enriching for university students. Contact us by mail for more information about this possibility.


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